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The Full Story


The Lash and Beauty Loft is a new spa and salon in Singapore that is shaking up the beauty scene thanks to their innovative approach to both lash and beauty services. The Lash and Beauty Loft’s unique black, pink and blue combination is a complete contrast to the regular aesthetic that is usually found in these places. Additionally, The Lash & Beauty Loft wanted to create a space where clients could be engaged with one another. They did this by building a counter bar, which is unlike a typical waiting area and has more features than just sitting down on comfy chairs!



"We want you to feel pampered and beautiful while at the same time learning something new. Our goal is for our customers' experience with us be one they will never forget. Our motto: Affordable, Gorgeous and Beauty which you deserved." - Bella & Tina (Directors of The Lash & Beauty Loft.

Why Us?

The Lash and Beauty Loft has quickly become one of Singapore’s most popular beauty destinations thanks to its affordable prices, convenient location and most importantly, their high-quality services. Their lash extension has been one of the most popular services as they are always on top when it comes to new trends. Comics eyelashes are the newest trend to hit the beauty world and The Lash and Beauty Loft is one of the first places in Singapore to offer this service. This new lash style gives your eyes a wide-eyed, cartoonish look that is perfect for any occasion!

The Lash & Beauty Loft also offers other services such as manicure, pedicure, facial treatments, womb and bust care, hair removal and more. Their products and equipments are from Germany, Korea and Japan which guarantees that you’re getting nothing but the best.

The salon's room is so cozy and welcoming, you can almost feel like a princess! The soft music fills your ears as well as the air with soothing aromas. There are even some crystals on display for good measure! The whole environment feels far away from our busy world- it's just dreamy enough for those looking to relax in peace.

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