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Womb Massage: What to Expect

Updated: Jul 13, 2022

Womb massage is a type of bodywork that involves gentle stroking and kneading of the uterus, which can help relieve menstrual cramps, anxiety, and stress.

Many women suffer a degree of the above symptoms and while some are manageable, many women find this period of the month to be a stressful one.

Womb Massage (also known as Uterus Massage) is a specialised form of massage technique that is performed over the lower abdomen, pelvis and sacrum area.

The womb massage and the other treatments address these issues above and improve the overall reproductive health. Although it is called womb massage, all the other parts of the reproductive organs, such as the ovary, fallopian tubes, cervix as well as surrounding ligaments and muscles supporting the reproductive system benefits from this massage.

How Womb Care Therapy Works?

Using Meridian Point Massage with ampoule to stimulate blood circulation; followed by our state-of-art Fullerene Far Infrared Therapy that emit energy deeper into body to promote blood circulation, accelerates fat dissolution and generate collagen. In the long term, it can strengthen the womb and improve uterus health. A premium tummy patch is then applied to promote uterine blood circulation, relieve pain, warm the meridians and dispel cold.

Benefits of Womb Care Therapy

- Pain relief - Increased blood flow to the pelvic region - Relief from menstrual cramps and other discomfort associated with menstruation - Improved bladder control and sex drive.

How Often Should You do Womb Care Therapy

The womb massage treatment is recommended to be done monthly for at least 3- 12 months depending on the severity of your condition.

Start taking care of your womb and yourself today!

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