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SHR Hair Removal (Super Hair Removal) is the latest technology of hair removal which combine laser and IPL to effectively remove hair on body. In comparison to classic IPL hair removal, this new approach uses lower energy levels and more pulses.  Clients benefit from SHR’s faster, pain-free, and safer hair removal.

How SHR Hair Removal Works?

SHR utilizes a proprietary method to target hair follicles and destroy them painlessly while also providing simultaneous cooling, resulting in permanent hair removal. The laser delivers 50% of the energy to the hair and 50% to hair follicle responsible for future hair growth allowing effective, pain free hair removal.

Benefits of SHR Hair Removal

  • Painless, comfortable & fast treatment

  • Permanently removal all kinds of hair on body

  • Able to target large areas (legs, backs) to smaller areas (upper lips & underarms)

  • Cool tip technology to ensure no overheating and burns

  • Advanced laser technology over traditional IPL

Difference Between DPL, SHR and IPL


DPL is an advanced method of IPL that uses the light ( wide range of the light spectrum) in a controlled intensity over the root of the hair to be removed or the hair follicles. The light is half a quotient absorbed by the pigments on the hair.

This makes the hair root to absorb the light which is then converted into heat energy to destroy the pigments. Pigments are the main cause of hair growth in all areas. Apart from hair removing, DPL also used in the process of healing pigmentation and acne ( which occurs at all ages particularly for the teenagers now).


SHR uses a patented approach to target hair follicles and destroy them without pain while also chilling them, resulting in permanent hair removal. The laser sends 50% of its energy to the hair and 50% to the hair follicle, which is responsible for future hair development, allowing for painless hair removal.

Because the energy gradually builds up, there is less irritation and damage on the skin, making it ideal for all skin tones and even sensitive skin customers. SHR is widely used in Singapore laser hair removal treatments since it can remove both fine and coarse hair. Because the SHR hair removal procedure is gentler on the skin, it’s ideal for delicate regions like Brazilian Hair Removal.

SHR hair removal is painless and has a lesser amount of discomfort than conventional IPL hair removal. Hair removal is effective on most areas of the body, including the face, arms, legs, and underarms. SHR hair removal is the gold standard for permanent hair removal since it can be used on all hair types and most skin tones.


IPL is a technique that uses the light as pulses for treating. When treated over the hairy parts, the hairs absorb the light emitted and the absorbed light is converted to heat which in turn suppresses the growth of hair follicles and its melanin content.

Compared to SHR, DRP and Laser Hair Removal, IPL is considered the oldest technology is hair removal. It is less focused on target area, requires more sessions and not suitable for dark skin tone.

Recommended Treatment Sessions

Treatment time -  15 to 30mins

Recommended Sessions - 4 to 10 sessions

Recommended Interval - 1 to 2 weeks

First Trial Special Price

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Calf or Thigh


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Full Back




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Full Leg




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Full Arm


Whole Body


What Our Clients Say


I don't have to shave anymore and it stays away for good. The price is also very affordable!
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