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Alleviate menstrual cramps, improve blood circulation and achieve overall enhanced womb health with our Womb and Ovary Wellness Therapy.

$68* first trial

How Womb Care Therapy Works?

Using Meridian Point Massage with ampoule to stimulate blood circulation; followed by our state-of-art Fullerene Far Infrared Therapy that emit energy deeper into body to promote blood circulation, accelerates fat dissolution and generate collagen.  In the long term, it can strengthen the womb and improve uterus health. A premium tummy patch is then applied to promote uterine blood circulation, relieve pain, warm the meridians and dispel cold.

Who Is It Good For?

Great for ladies who wish to:
+ Relieve menstrual cramps
+ Detoxify the body
+ Regulate menstrual flow
+ Prevent premature menopause & ageing
+ Improve overall womb health
+ Burns fats

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One of our more popular treatments is the Bust Care Massage. Breast massages are one of the oldest natural breast enhancement practices, and they're not just for pregnant women. Besides lifting, our breast's massage can also detoxify the lymphatic system by flushing toxins out, and allows nutrient-rich blood to flow to the breast tissue. Women often experience different types of pain in their breasts due to surgery, pregnancy or breast milk. A breast massage can also help with soreness and swelling.

How Bust Care Therapy Works?

Acupressure massage and the use of machines increase blood circulation in the breast area to encourage tissue growth. It can also firm up your saggy breasts and help compress lumps that are caused by Qi stagnation. All of these factors will contribute to a firmer, fuller breast, which mothers who have stopped breastfeeding may find especially beneficial.

Benefits of Bust Care Therapy

The lady's bust should be as smooth, firm, and well-toned as possible. We dredge the meragonal part of an individual's bust to fix anything that may have changed due to poor circulation. This stimulation causes alterations in skin elasticity and enhances a woman's natural beauty by restarting her self-confidence.

What Our Clients Say


They provide Ovary Care Therapy which is perfect for me. The people there are very well trained and experienced. I also loved their SHR Hair Removal which is totally painless!
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